Monday, April 26, 2010

It all happens for a reason...

If I have never believed that before I am a true believer now. Who knew that signing up for the project from hell would open up the doors to friendships with wonderful people? Yes, my dear Peas, it is you that I am talking about! Or working 14 hours a day would make me realize more than ever before how lucky I am to have an amazing husband and a wonderful family.
It isn't easy dealing with failure. But now I realize that failure is only when you do not pick yourself back up when you are knocked down. And when one door closes another opens up. Every success and every failure changes us and leaves a mark on us. How we let them define us is most important. It all happens for a reason...I have to remember that, believe that and move forward.
I know I am on the right path because I am spending time with my boys and family again. And I am cooking, gardening, blogging and reading. And ofcourse keeping in touch with my friends - old and new! It all happens for a reason and for me the reason is to get me back to doing everything I enjoy and make me who I am.
It is that...believing that it all happens for a reason is going to get me through this and all curve balls life will throw at me.
Thanks to Dee, Leana, Rob and Lisa I am blogging again. I am glad to be back!