Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quiz Time -- Book No #1 -- The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

1. What was Edgar’s earliest memory?
A. His dog Almondine when he was in his crib.

2. What question did Edgar ask his parents that was never truthfully answered?
A. How they met.

3. Claude told a lie to Edgar’s parents. Edgar knew it wasn’t true, but he went along with it. What was the lie and why did they tell it?
A. That Forte killed the deer, when in fact he shot it. Edgar did not want Forte killed.

4. Dr. Papineau came to dinner one night after Gar died. What dessert did he declare, “I bought it by hand.”?
A. Lemon meringue pie.

5. Where did Edgar hide to spy on his mother and Claude? Did he get caught?
A. In a tree overlooking the kitchen window. Claude saw him, his mother did not.

6. Edgar helped Henry find answers to what kind of puzzle?
A. Crossword.

7. What kind of car was Henry restoring?
A. 1957 Ford Fairlane Skyliner, retractable hardtop convertible.

8. Who was the ghost in the shed?
A. The previous owner, who had collected all the stuff because his wife wouldn’t throw anything away.

9. What is a waterspout? Does it make noise?
A. A tornado or funnel cloud over the water. It is very loud.

10. What is the significance of the photo Edgar found of Claude and Forte?


Mariah said...

I do not like pop quizzes :). Plus i'm still only halfway through the book so this will not be pretty and the first half was read a month ago with other books in between.

I have only one definite answer (that i hope is right) and will try a couple of others.

1. Earliest memory: think it has something to do with his walking out to where the brother was buried on their property.

3. I think that Claude killed either a wild animal or one of the dogs; Edgar saw him. Something happened in the barn/shed!!, Claude explained to Edgar why he did it and, when Claude gave a story to the parents, Edgar stayed silent.

5. Climbed a tree outside the house and saw his Mom and Claude through the window. Claude felt like someone was watching him after the Mom left. Claude and Edgar made definite eye contact. I think Edgar "smiled" and didn't care that he was caught.

Terrible...that's all i have without going to look up in the book.

(Julie, i'm trying to finish this to get it back to you in the next couple of weeks.)


sharon said...

Mariah - You got "at least" one correct. I won't say which so as not to give away the answers. I do, however, believe that you are a good reader.

Julie said...

having trouble logging on...

Julie said...

having trouble logging on...

Julie said...

Maybe I can finally log on and leave my comments! Throughly enjoyed this book. I could answer a few of these questions, but need to think of the others. They are tricky!

Julie said...

1. Edgar's earliest memory was of being in his crib and having his beloved dog come wake him up by licking him or nosing him.
2.Why can't I talk/why was I born this way?
3.I think Claude lied about how Forte died. Did Edgar see this happen, and knew that Claude did it?
4. It was some kind of pie...
5. I agree with Mariah's answer on this.
6. Edgar helped Henry with crossword puzzles.
8. The ghost in the shed was the previous owner of the house.
9. A waterspout is like a tornado on the ocean and it is very loud.
7 and 10, I'm not sure

sharon said...

Thanks, Julie. I'll give feedback after everyone has had a chance to send in their answers.