Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Year's resolution time...

Two Christmas dinners and a bunch of cocktails later I am sitting here, a pomegranate margarita in hand, contemplating my new year's resolutions as a scary movie plays on the TV.
Speaking of TV, I am absolutely loving watching "Desperate Housewives". Ah! Vacation time!!!
Anyways, back to resolutions, here are mine...
Just one more sidebar.... must say I have enjoyed all the baking I have done this season! A cherry spice cake no longer intimidates me neither does a New York style cheesecake. A new beginning.. a new business venture..I wonder!?
Speaking of what else I enjoyed this season, I volunteered at Mini-Me's school. I definitely want to continue doing that. Makes Mini-Me happy too!
OK, so here are the resolutions..
Yes, you guessed it, can't think of resolutions!
I am in a happy state of mind between all the good food and alcohol and cant really think of anything I want changed! As long as this continues next year, I got nothing to complain about!

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