Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mini Meow and the donuts

Foreword By Me: Upset with your sibling?????? Write a story & publish it on a blog!! Revenge in the Internet era!!
One day there were two brothers named Mini Me and Mini Meow. They were very nice, intelligent and strong. On that very day their mom bought a donut pack. When Mini Me held the donut packet Mini Meow would cry for it. When Mini Meow had the packet Mini Me was nice and did not complain.
On that night Mini Meow hid the packet of donuts. When their mom screamed for the packet of donuts ten times, Mini Meow had to tell his mom where it was and he got grounded. So Mini Meow lived a grounded, sad and boring life.

The End.


AshokK said...

Excellent writing Mini-me and good thoughts Mini-me Mom! Keep up the good work! Blog looks awesome!!!

Radhika said...


Thank you for the compliments. We sure enjoy working on the blog.