Friday, April 4, 2008

Overly ambitious dinner.

Last night after I got back from work, and against better judgement, I embarked on making a 3-course meal. The meal included -- made from scratch sambhar, tilapia fry and raagi dosa.

I started out with full enthusiasm, feeling proud of the variety of healthy food groups included in the dinner. By the time I was through with half the cooking, I was tired and irritable. I was short with the kids and didn't give them a bath. Pushed it off on my hubby. I also had no energy left to load the dishes.

While I made the raagi dosa batter with enthusiasm, I had no energy to fry the dosas. I made a couple dosas for my husband & myself, because we are avoiding carbs, and made rice for the kids. I feel guilty about excluding them from this healthful bounty. But I was too tired to care last night.

My little one was having one heck of an evening as well. My irritability rubbed on him and he wanted all my attention & energy. And I had neither left.

All in all a very rough evening. It started out with good intentions but didn't quite end well.
A lesson well learned.

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Seema said...

You truely are a great cook & hence you wanted to make a great dinner for your loved ones. But its hard i can understand with your crazy schedule of work, work out and more....Keep it simple during weeknights & party big time with great spread on weekends.