Monday, April 14, 2008

Short stories from an author in the making.

Manley the fish was eaten by Rob the crocodile. Rob was happy and he went home and slept with a full tummy.

The next day Rob went looking for food again. He did not find any. For many days afterwards he did not find fish. He was sad. He went to a new place. The fish were happy.

One of the fish had seen Rob eat Manley and told all the other fish to hide! So they were all safe from Rob.

The End.

Ned the cow belonged to farmer Ted. One day Ned ended up at farmer Sid's farm. Ned didn't like farmer Sid.

The next day he tries to burst through the gate. He tried 5 times and it did not work. He kept trying and it still didn't work.

The next morning he tried one more time. He ran super fast and "POW!!!" the whole gate broke. He ran to farmer Ted's farm and then he felt fine.

The End.

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