Monday, April 7, 2008

Pet owner.

An extremely adorable family member convinced me that it was the best thing in the whole world to get a dog.

Being a sucker that I am, I readily gave in. So did my better half!! More easily than me, I should say! Yes, a pet would indeed be great! We had the name picked out too. Scruffy was going to be the new member of our family.

We would walk him regardless of rain, sun, sleet or snow. We would bathe him, feed him and keep his coat shining. Ah!! the good times were just around the corner!

We then took the next logical step, consulting with other dog owners, friends and neighbors on the type of dog to get, where to get it from etc etc. Ohhhh.. the excitement is building up now!!!

Crashhhhh!!! What is that I hear??? The bursting of our dreams by these very people who were supposed to guide us to doggy nirvana!? Unbelievable!!

They were all quick to point out why a dog wasnt right for us, for ME in particular!!! ME!? I was going to prove them all wrong! I was going to be a great dog owner.

Thankfully, a tiny voice in the back of my head took charge. I am indeed not a dog person! Maybe my recurring nightmare/daymare that a black dog with green eyes attacks me should have been my first clue. Settle down, Bear! I am not talking about you!
And I should clean up after a dog which could potentially attack me!? Wow, what a deal!!

Thanks to my dear friends, I am back to being a happy non-dog owner.

Hearing my friends talk about their pets, made me realize the amazing love pet owners must have for their pets to make owning a pet a rewarding experience. My hats off to all the pet owners around the world!

Although, I had asked my friends for their opinion on my potential pet & not their opinion of me! Wonder why they used this an opportunity to let me know what they really think of me!??? That was uncalled for. You know who you are!!


Vandy said...

Go Girl! Nice to know you are continuing to write.. you have some nic ewriting hear..Sorry to hear you guys changed your mind about the dog! I think you would be a wonderful dog owner :)

Seema said...

Glad u changed on your Mind on the dog owning thing.... I am happy!! Poor dog It would have had endless rules to follow :-)