Sunday, May 16, 2010

A new journey begins.....

I have found my writing project at last! Something that combines my desire to always try something new with my desire to write something meaningful.
Each week I will make a meal for my family from a state or territory in India until I have cooked from every region in India. Once this project is complete I plan to make a book out it for my boys.
Recently my friend asked me what inspired me to do this. Was it watching "Julie and Julia"? Actually various things have inspired my decision.
Julie and Julia was awesome. It inspired me to want to do something like she does. I love escaping from everything work related at the end of the work day and throwing myself into things at home. Cooking, homework for the kids, activities for the kids, cleaning, gardening. But it would be nice to have a project like hers. But I never knew what. Till now.
Ashok has been bringing me books from the library lately from cooks from different regions of India and they talk about the region's history and the history of the food and provide recipes. Their passion inspired me.
I have been on a kick of trying various cuisines lately thanks to my foodie FB friends. So much fun. But I don't think writing a food blog is for me.
I never thought I could bake. I still cant bake very well, but I am not too bad at it. So did I want to write about baking, my new found hobby!?
All these were awesome, but not for me...or so I thought. Hence my blog post called "A pinch of this and a dash of this". It was me wondering about what is that one thing meant for me. It was the truth what I said in the blog. I love trying new things constantly.
It has taken me a long time wondering what it is that I would find interesting to write about. The next Harry Potter maybe? Last night it hit me. The book I want to write. A journey through the cuisines of India. It is something I think my boys will appreciate, maybe not now but when they are adults. It will be a challenging project as I have never tasted and most certainly not made all the different types of Indian cuisine.
It will not be just about cooking though. It will also be about what is going on in our life at the point I making a dish, some anecdotes from India and hopefully a history and geography lesson thrown into the mix. Ashok is very excited about this project and wants to help in the writing the book.
It is so amazing to me how various things in our life inspire us. I think the pieces were there I just never put them together. I think this book goes well with my idea of "A pinch of this and a dash of that". Hence I will make it the title of the book.
The journey begins soon. I will blog along the way on the progress of the book. Thanks in advance to all for your support.
The picture I used in this post is of the apron that my friend Rob sent me yesterday. How very nice of her! The apron is a sign that I need to start cooking and writing soon for my book. Eek! So exciting.

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